EZ-PROFIT.NET is a big nice investment and they place his listing in high listing position in many place in this industry.
This program is a legally registered investment company in Seychelles since Sept, 2006 and has began operations offline for over a period years however this program is our first online no risk venture.
Let’s have a look what plan they give to all investors in the world:

Daily Silver:1% interest for 999 days, 5.00$-4999.00$;
Daily Gold: 1.5% interest for 999 days, 5000.00$-24999.00$;
Daily VIP: 2% interest for 999 days, 25000.00$-50000.00$;

Forex 30 Days Daily Trial: 4% interest for 30 days, 1000.00$-2499.00$;
Forex 30 Days Daily Starter: 4.5% interest for 30 days, 2500.00$-24999.00$;
Forex 30 Days Daily VIP: 5% interest for 30 days, 25000.00$-50000.00$;

6 Months Fixed: 7% interest for 180 days, 100.00$-25000.00$;
6 Months Fixed VIP: 8% interest for 180 days, 25001.00$-50000.00$;
3 Months Fixed: 10% interest for 90 days, 250.00$-2250.00$;
3 Months Fixed Gold: 11% interest for 90 days, 2500.00$-24750.00$;
3 Months Fixed VIP: 12% interest for 90 days, 25000.00$-50000.00$;

Private Placement Basic: 15% interest for 30 days, 500.00$-4500.00$;
Private Placement Advance: 17% interest for 30 days, 5000.00$-24500.00$;
Private Placement VIP: 20% interest for 30 days, 25000.00$-50000.00$.

With these plans you can find what is suit you and you can easy choose the one you like.
Also you can visit their homepage to know more details about this great program:

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Jennet Kate